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Why is there no possibility to reserve at a Vapiano? Does Vapiano sponsor my club and is there a favourite dish to take-away? Here you will find the answers.


  • Is really everything fresh?

    The production of our pasta and our dolci can be experienced live by you in the transparent pasta Manifattura. But also our sauces, dressings, our pesto and our pizza dough are homemade. Only ciabatta and the Pasticceria San Marco are supplied by producers carefully selected by us.

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  • Why has my favourite dish been removed from the menu card?

    We at Vapiano want to offer our guests time and again new taste experiences so that sometimes a dish has to make room for a new creation. But keep your eyes open; many dishes which are no longer available on the regular menu. will reappear from time to time in the Specials.

  • Why does Vapiano not deliver?

    In order to guarantee the absolute freshness and quality of your dish, we are pleased to welcome you at our Vapiano. 

  • Things you always wanted to know....


    At the Vapiano

  • What does the name Vapiano mean?

    The name Vapiano derives from the Italian saying “Chi va piano va sano e va lontano”. This translates to: Those who have an easy-going and relaxed approach to life, live more healthily and longer.

  • I would like to cover Vapiano within the framework of my studies. Who should I contact?

    We are pleased to learn that you want to deal with Vapiano within the framework of your studies. Given the large number of enquiries, we cannot personally answer every request and kindly ask you to get the necessary information on our website.

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