There is nothing better than fresh pasta.
We make our pasta with high quality wheat semolina and water, in different shapes such as: Spaghetti, Linguine, Tagliatelle, Campanelle, Conchiglie, Pappardelle and Fusilli.

Everything is cooked to order, from scratch in our open kitchen, you can customize your dish exactly how you want. Extra chili? Sure. No garlic? No problem. More protein? Made.

Our pizza dough is handmade, as are our sauces, salad dressings and dolci, all made in-house, by us, every day.


No more lines, now once you are at the table you can review our menu and our Vapianistis will take your order and bring your dishes to your table. You can still personalize your dishes, directly order your extras with our Vapianistis, or approach our Chefs, you will only need to tell our Vapianisti that you want to make La Tua Creazione!, and prepare your dishes to your liking together with your Chefs.

You don’t need to book, just show up when you’re hungry and we’ll be ready to serve you.


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Egg Frittata

Delicious Italian cake, filled with a mix of fresh peppers, cambray potato and red onion, accompanied by Argentine chorizo and bread with garlic. (355 gr)

Omelette Poblano

The taste of Mexico in every bite... poblano pepper, yellow corn and pumpkin flower make this dish the perfect formula to start the day. (415 gr)

Croque Madame Sandwich

Delight your palate with the best version of the sandwich, try it, toasted bread covered with béchamel sauce, slices of turkey ham, egg, mozzarella cheese and gratin with a touch of our insalata di casa. (440 gr)

Sweet Pancakes

Delicious pancakes with semi-sweet chocolate, covered with a marscarpone cream shake, red fruits and sweetened with chocolate syrup. (305 gr)

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Carpaccio di salmone

Sliced salmon, served with powdered egg, arugula and a touch of lemon vinaigrette with dill. (140gr)

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Di Tomate

Aromatic tomato soup with fresh basil accompanied by croutons and parmesan cheese, with a light touch of olive oil.


Classic Italian recipe, Exquisite!

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Combination of pears with red wine, grapes, goat cheese, caramelized walnut, almonds, orejona lettuce and honey dressing with house mustard. (370gr)

Spinaci E Fragola

Baby spinach with strawberries, pine nuts, goat cheese, red onion and maple dressing with blackberry. (220gr)


Romaine lettuce, grilled marinated chicken breast (90gr) with Parmesan cheese, croutons and Vapiano Caesar dressing. (160gr)

Super Salad

Super delicious combination of kale with quinoa and slows, cranberry, avocado, Indian walnut and a touch of grated coconut, bathed in a sesame soy vinaigrette. (350gr)

More Insalata dishes

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Fresh Pasta


Our delicious secret recipe for bolognese with meat (100gr) served with vegetables and spices. (600gr)

Quatro Formaggi

A delicious cream of 4 cheeses (mozzarella, smoked gouda, provolone and parmesan) and spices. (350gr)

Pesto Basilico

Our famous basil pesto, accompanied by baked pine nuts and Parmesan cheese. (320gr)

Chipotle Chicken

Combination of marinated chicken breast (90gr), roasted pumpkin, tender corn, chipotle cream and chives. (560gr)

Aglio E Olio

Olive oil, fresh garlic, chili and a touch of parsley with shrimp (70gr). (290gr)

ore delicious pasta dishes

Our fresh pasta is made with high quality durum wheat semolina and water. (so its egg free) We also make spelt pasta for that wholewheat nutty flavour pasta.

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Lasagna Bolognesa

Our delicious Bolognese lasagna with spinach, béchamel sauce and basi

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Delicious combination of mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and basil. (380gr)

Italian Pepperoni

Italian pepperoni served with mozzarella cheese. (420gr)

Prosciutto E Mozzarella

Mozzarella cheese, proscuitto (40gr), dehydrated tomato, cherry, spinach, garlic oil base and a pinch of ajonioli. (420gr)


Combination of ham (50gr), mushroom, artichoke and black olive, on a basis of mozzarella cheese. (420gr)

Quatro Formaggi

Sauce based on olive oil, mixture of 4 cheeses (mozzarella, smoked gouda, provolone and parmesan), fig, basil and fresh arugula. (410gr)

More Pizza...

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Chicken Caesar

Baked chicken with homemade Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, tomato, lettuce and avocado. (360gr)

Italiano Di Pavo

Turkey ham and crispy prosciutto with tomato and provolone cheese on a baby spinach base. (280gr)

Portobello E Avocado

Baked Portobello, served with goat cheese, mozzarella cheese and our secret guacamole recipe. (300gr)

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Delicious beef milanesa (200gr) accompanied by potatoes with fine herbs and mista salad, choose as you want to try it: D’Vito, Toscana or Siciliana.



Juicy chicken breast (200gr), bathed in the sauce you like the most, au gratin with mozzarella cheese (50g), how do you prefer to try it? Napolitana, Chipotle or Poblana.

Salmone All’Antica

Fresh salmon market (200gr) sealed with spices, accompanied by an alla'antica pasta with butter, dehydrated tomato, olives and cherry tomato. (400gr)

Be Brave

A unique drink, yellow pepper, dry cizano, whiskey, pineapple and lemon juice. (510ml) *Bar Academy 2023 winning drink, created by Karen Daniela Díaz de la Cruz

Clericot de verano

Seasonal fruit mixture with rosé wine (15ml), green tea and cranberry. (510ml)

More specials dishes

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Blackberry Cheesecake

Delicious cheesecake with blackberry sauce. (220gr)

Pastiera De Manzana

Traditional apple and ricotta cheese cake, with a scoop of milk-flavored ice cream and garnished with cajeta. (330gr)

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Coffee and tea

Enjoy the variety of coffee drinks and variety of teas that we have for you.


Enjoy lemonades and non-alcoholic drinks that we have prepared for you.


Get to know the most refreshing alcoholic cocktails.


We have a wide variety of white, rosé and red wines for you.


Our Long Drinks are served with 45ml of alcohol and include a 355ml can of soft drink of your choice as a mixer. You can also find a wide variety of beers for you.

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